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5 Key Moments in the History of Air Conditioners

Many homeowners take air conditioned and climate controlled interiors for granted. For those who have always enjoyed the luxury of AC, its benefits go unnoticed until the unit stops working. At this point, home- and business owners may choose to familiarize themselves with how the AC unit functions. Modern systems are highly evolved, and for…
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January 2, 2020 0

3 Tips for Buying a New Air Conditioner

When the temperatures start to drop outside homeowners have the perfect opportunity to select the type of air conditioner that best fits their home, which will keep them cooler in the summer and save them money on energy bills. It’s also important to understand the importance of selecting the right unit. After all, Click On News explains…
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October 23, 2019 0

4 Common Air Conditioning Mistakes

The theory of air conditioning seems fairly simple: Press the Power button, sit back and wait to be enveloped by beautifully conditioned air in a climate-controlled environment. Unfortunately, life’s not always that simple, and HVAC systems are far more complex than many home- and business owners imagine. To make life a whole lot easier, keep…
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September 28, 2019 0

Air Conditioning Accidents Highlight the Importance of Proper AC Installation

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, there are air conditioning units in more than 100 million U.S. homes. As air conditioners have become more widespread, particularly in warmer climates, more people have suffered injuries due to trying to install AC units without professional help. Also, improper AC installation can allow irritants to circulate through a…
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September 4, 2019 0

Does Your Pet Need the AC on When You Leave?

Air conditioning is a must in Las Vegas during the summer. Most people keep their AC units on until they leave for work, use it in their car and then enjoy a cooled office building. If you live alone, you might be able to get away with turning off the system when you leave for…
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August 21, 2019 0

AC News: 3 Tips to Help You Survive a Las Vegas Heat Wave

Cities will issue excessive heat warnings when any two consecutive days have temperatures that are higher than 105 degrees. In Las Vegas, we are very familiar with excessive heat warnings, especially this year. In the past month, we’ve experienced several warnings; in fact, one heat spell caused the day-time temperature to hover above 105 degrees…
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August 14, 2019 0

Air-Conditioning Tips: Top 4 Ways to Keep a Home Cool

Anyone who lives in Las Vegas knows that not even rain can provide any respite from the heat during the summer. During the past few weeks, we’ve had several rainstorms, yet the temperatures still haven’t dipped below 100 degrees. In fact, one of the hottest days last week reached 109 degrees during a thunderstorm! When…
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July 3, 2019 0

3 Ways to Improve Your Heating System and Reduce Energy Bills

The heating system typically makes up a significant portion of household energy bills. The United States Energy Information Administration predicts that in 2009, 41.5 percent of energy consumed in homes went to space heating. This is significantly more than household cooling. Air conditioning typically consumes 6.2 percent of household energy. Despite the relatively high cost of household…
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December 18, 2018 0

Money Saving Tips Air Conditioning and Heating

Given the amount of energy spent on maintaining comfortable heating and cooling levels in a home or building, your decisions on how to manage your HVAC system can make all the difference in reducing energy costs and increasing comfort levels. To assist with your decision making process, we put together the following money saving tips…
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November 13, 2018 0

5 Heating Tips for Budget-Savvy Homeowners and Business Owners

In a city like Las Vegas, the majority of the focus in the HVAC industry is on the scorching summer months, when a high-quality air conditioning unit is an essential part of any home or business. There are few households in the valley that do not have some form of cooling system and rightfully so.…
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October 25, 2018 0